Kristel Nielsen of Kristel Studio creates handmade ceramic art and paintings, as expressions of her love for color, form and the natural world. Ceramic forms are built by hand in stoneware and porcelain. Other materials include hemp, bamboo, reclaimed wood and copper. The finished bells and wind chimes are a link between heaven and earth, an object of beauty, and a point of focus for contemplation and relaxation. Kristel started painting and drawing in 2007, during a period of physical disability, using found wood and oops paint from the hardware store. During this time she also went back to school for paralegal training. Upon recovery from her physical injuries, she began working as an intellectual property paralegal for the estate of a famous architect. She continues to work and create, and advocate for artist rights. She lives with her partner, John, and their dogs Rio and Supai in Phoenix, AZ. rio and supai

EMAIL: kristel.nielsen@gmail.com